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Lynne Ellen Okaily

Not Your Everyday News Chats

HEre's what I know first hand; it happened to me! 

Personal Health Coach

Get help focusing on bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Career Building

Working together to help you design the life you want to live I share my knowledge and resources to help you achieve your most important goals in life.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

You are not just someone who is both skillful and knowledgeable, you also use your expertise to help others unlock their potential. We help you achieve clarity, take action and, ultimately, accelerate your progress towards your goals by providing greater focus and awareness. Often this takes looking at and sorting through a lot of baggage from your past.

Are you in line with your bliss-goals?

Do you have business partners who know their own worthiness for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Is your life being lived at the highest level?

How fast is success coming your way?

Goal Setting

Get aligned with the direction you envision your business to grow. 

Partnership Coaching

Build a team of support and expand business by duplicating yourself.

Stress Management

Catch your breath. You are not alone. Destressing is in our master toolset.

Career Advice

Have you chosen a downstream path to follow or are you trying to swim upstream and getting nowhere? 

What Is Business Coaching?
Who is Business Coaching For?

Everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur if they choose to believe this to be true. Have a mission to help others. Our business coaching empowers entrepreneurs to jump over imagined hurdles. People who work best with team support and love seeing others succeed are the best fit for our business coach and coach training services.

Build a career in an industry of service to others
  1. Who are you serving: Are you in direct marketing as a service to others or to a corporation?
  2. What is holding you up from having true success: Do you own your own business? Can you make it work better by teaching others how to do what you do?
  3. When was the last time you were excited about getting to work?
  4. Why is marketing yourself holding you back?
  5. Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5, years, 10 years?
  6. How important is helping others succeed to better themselves in the pursuit of freedom, and happiness in life?

Questions? Contact The Entrepreneurs Consultant,
Lynne Ellen Okaily

Take care of your health and have stamina at work
  • If you had the possibility to be able to reverse your age would you want to know about it?
    Imagine how you would think, look, and feel no matter what your chronological age is now or later if you did have the possibility of being able to biologically reversing your age by up to 30 years give or take.
  • Do you know anyone who would not want to reverse their age?
    This opportunity is a blessing to humanity. Once you know it, you can't keep it a secret for yourself only. AND the technology is affordable and life-changing.

Get started today!
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Technology Advancements

Your body and mind are trying to keep up with the advancements in all industries we are exposed to every day. The problem is staying focused, alert, and on target with goals has become harder and harder in these times we are in. What will the future behold in 2021? What happened in 2020?

You are the answer you have been looking for! Fear is a powerful emotion that you can use to your benefit. FEAR = FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Take back control from the hype you see around you. You were given the divine right to be alive and sovereign. Are you ready?

The number one thing you must take back control of is your health. Without health it's hard to have wealth!

Get started right now!
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Do you know how Attraction Marketing Works?

Take the stress out of promoting yourself. You are worthy and deserving and so is everyone else you know. 

Start learning how to attract new customers. 

Do you already have a marketing plan in place? Start improving your ROI.

Do you need better tools and information on how social media work?

Are you in this to win it?

Let's get started!

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Worth is an inside believe system

What is your value? Do you know it? Do you believe it?

Can you be truly happy? And can you manage happiness in your life?

Are in touch with your intuition?

Do you know how to unlock your intuitive skills?

If you said or thought "NO" to any of these questions and want to change the drama patterns of victimhood in your life I can help. 

Are you ready to move beyond expectations of failure? 

Great! Let's get started. Contact Lynne Ellen Okaily, the Entrepreneurs Consultant & Energy Healer 



About Me

In my 26 years as an entrepreneur what I discovered I love the most is associating or collaborating with individuals who are like-minded. I have an appreciation for people who have bliss-goals and aim to align more powerfully with them. I am like you, learning, expanding knowledge, and sharing what I learn. 

I started my own graphics design business over 20 years ago.  I expanded my knowledge of computer technology and also learned about the importance of health technology. Motivation for me was self-worth, family, and freedom of choice.

I have expertise in helping individuals overcome obstacles. Emotional and economical hurdles can be a thing of the past. My eclectic insight can provide ways to stress-less and enjoy more of what life has to offer.  My family and I support each other and find that of great benefit. I have learned that your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, This I know first hand and will do what I can to assist you on your journey.

"First would be (Lynne has) a super huge loving heart! A very generous spirit and 3rd, a commitment to ongoing personal growth, being the best you can be. I could go on about having a "YES!" attitude and being one of the most positive peeps I know!"

"Lynne puts her all into what she does and does at least 50% more than anyone else. Lynne cares a lot about and is very supportive to other people. Lynne is dependable and can be counted upon to do what she says."

(Lynne has a) zest for life, positive attitude, always working to improve life for herself and others. (An) open mind and heart-continually seeks to improve self and shares information with others without imposing her will. Patient communication -- great networker, really shows how much she cares by the time and interest she gives with whoever she is interacting with."

Online Coaching Resources

Get Fit @ Home & Work

An exclusive new science protection plant extract technology product with uncontaminated premium food extracts designed and targeted for superior telomere support to promote biological cellular reverse aging possibilities. Get iHeRQles you don't have to believe it you can see it. The Activist package choice provides affordability and fast access to results.

The Essentials of Goal Setting

Lynne Ellen Okaily at Elite Graphics will be posting major insight articles which are intended to help you discover blocks to your success  and roadblocks to the next action step/steps.  I used to hate setting goals until I learned the secrets they reveal. 

2-Day Career Workshop

My associates and I are prepared to be in service on all levels of mind, body, and spiritual awakening for individuals and groups.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Do you realize that a worrying thought has two potentials: it can get you closer to what you want OR it can bring you more of what you don’t’ want.

Don't Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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