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Business Strategy

Social media marketing, SEO, video overlays, blog posts, cross-linking — we can connect you with the right people and places to help grow your business. You are the best at what you do. That is why you hire us, because we are the best in what we do.

Web Development

Overall, we are unique in our ability to do the creative part of design and web development. That way we can multi-task creating and developing customized websites with SEO metadata and keywords built-in for your online marketing solutions.

Graphic Design for Print

Brochures, flyers, logos, business cards, letterheads, what ever you need designed just ask. Need graphics for posters? Need PowerPoint slide presentations? We have and will do our best to make sure you shine and your company get a great first impression

Lynne Ellen Okaily

Lynne Ellen Okaily

Creative Director

Lynne has always had an entrepreneur’s heart. She is a highly trained graphic designer, website designer, and developer, and book/blog writer who has created business through artistry with Elite Graphics. She is intuitive and can understand what clients need. Graphic Design and Website Design are her forte. Working solo and with teams of people, she has been able to create a top-notch service for graphic design, website design, and marketing solutions consulting. 

She enjoys teaching others and helping others become independent business owners. Personal development is a continuous passion. At work, home, and socializing its been her experience that good communication is a must. And self-love is key for establishing integrity. This is what she strives to be aware of. She is prepared to help others express who they are with artistry. Lynne loves to help people expand and evolve. She works with the board of Lifetime Learning Connections, LLC, a non-profit organization. Ask her about how to give support to children in need of emotional care and how to improve communities.

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