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If there was a way you could reverse your age would you want to know about it?

My question is: “If you had the chance to live younger longer, would you?

iHeRQles, BIOLOGICAL AGE REVERSAL, is the new product for baby boomers and those who want a different type of anti-aging with NO Chemicals, NO Synthetics, Non-GMO, and NO Side Effects.

We are not talking about anti-aging, we are talking about reverse aging.

You get these benefits by spraying 4-sprays of iHeRQles in your mouth 15-minutes before each meal — it’s okay if you are only eating 1 main meal, you can spray 2 other times before a bite to eat so this product can reach your liver plus neutralize any toxins in your food for better blood production.

  • > Microcirculation Champion
  • > Telomere Support
  • > Anti-aging possibilities
  • > Self Stem Cell Activation
  • > New Cells That Can Live Longer
  • > Biological Age Reversal
  • > Increased stamina
  • > Enhanced Endurance
  • > Increase Cognitive Abilities
  • > Faster Muscle Growth
  • > Faster Recovery
  • > Menopause Symptom Relief
  • > Hormonal Balance
  • > Better Hair
  • > Better Skin and Nails

We have proof. Normal people like you who did the 16-week awareness protocol during the testing phase and reduced their biological age. One of the studies included 1500+ people. See for yourself… watch the video in the next section.

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Hi, my name is Lynne Ellen Okaily. I am the owner of a small graphic design business, Elite Graphics LLC. My business services put me in front of electronic technology every day. And like me, I am sure you are using at least a smartphone daily. You are in front of or around something electronic 24/7 365 days a year. Wherever we go we can not escape the bombardment of electromagnetic fields when working, playing, watching TV, cooking, cleaning… you understand.

Years of harmful effects come from not only electronics but also the chemicals and poisons in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Have you noticed this yourself? Unless you live in a remote area of the Mediterranean Mountains you can not escape advancements in civilization which the human body is not quite ready to adapt to.

In the middle of December 2020, a new technology that will help us adapt to the stresses of our current environment came to me. The launching of the product happened on Thursday, December 10th. This advanced formula is named iHeRQles. I have been spraying the original formula, Liquid Gold Rx, and from my experience getting rid of chronic neck pain with that one, I am all in to reverse the damage to my DNA and self activate my own stem cells! I know many people want an anti-aging product that works and have not found or could not afford the $8000 initiation or the $200 monthly cost to get better health. 

I am very happy that people in the know will be able to afford using iHeRQles and that it gives the same outstanding results to men and women and non-binary humans because we have the same microcirculation system and need an improvement in our Health Restoration Quotient. That is the reason the letters H, R, and Q are capitalized in the name iHeRQles.

Real people like you reversed their biological age and you can see by how much on the video above.

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