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Lynne Ellen Okaily

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HEre’s what I know first hand, you can heal! 

Happiness inside out

 Aging is a process that can be reversed
Ancestry does not define YOU totally

There is a saying “Life is in the blood,” but did you ever take that seriously? Septic blood is a killer. Luckily I have not come across septic blood, but I have experience in dealing with high cholestrol, and high blood pressure. I also have the fun challenge in dealing with Lyme and co-infections that come through tick bites that don’t show up in conventional blood tests. Lets add to the mix sleeping viruses that almost everyone has and at times get activated whenever stress, lack of sleep, over eating, or pollution in the environment takes a toll.  I was a kid in the 60’s and played outdoors alot. I know how to have fun, but there was a point in time after menopause that I almost forgot life was fun. Do you have that you can heal yourself? I believe that I am guided to find solutions when I ask for help in prayer. What I want to offer here may be the answers to your own health and life challenges.


Goal Setting

Get aligned with the direction you envision your business to grow. 

Healthy Living

You can’t work smart when you have mystery chronic pain and/or illness.

Stress Management

Catch your breath. You are not alone. Destressing is in our master toolset.

Career Advice

Have you chosen a downstream path to follow or are you trying to swim upstream and getting nowhere?