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Sparks, Flames, Fires – Connection

Hate Crowds?

Lately staying cooped up inside has kept me away from the stress of being around other people. I seem to pick up their agonizing feelings and it makes my body ache. Have you ever wondered if your body pains are really yours?

Sure I get it, I attract what comes at me like in the natural laws of attraction. But yikes!!! These days there’s been a plethora of energy shifts in the environment, and not just in my environment, it’s the planet we live on, the climate is shifting for real and it’s natural in the galactic history of Earth. So what can I do? What can we all do? Crying about it is not going to make it go away!

By gosh, they’ve got kids living in fear and projecting anxiety about the end-of-the-world. There is an uprising of judgment to keep the chaos going and stop people from getting in touch with the Earth and themselves for heart-based answers. This has to stop. People need real answers and families need to take back the responsibility of informing and teaching their children the truth. Natural Law is the only truth we can bank on. There’s too much bullshit in made-up laws that don’t have a spec of reliability. People need to connect. I need to connect more. My spiritual purpose, and if this resonates, yours is too, requires being around other people and connecting heart to heart.

In order to heal, we must feel. We must do the inner work required to strengthen our energy – prepare our bodies, minds, and souls, for the changes happening in our environment. I know people that can help and have helped. Sometimes it’s best to start one-on-one. Other times, strength in numbers is key.

The More the Merrier! Get Connected!

The great fairytale writer, Hans Christian Andersen, penned a collection of tales for children one of which was “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In this tale people were afraid to tell the truth for fear of hurting the king’s feelings; afraid of telling truth. Vanity can lead us into getting manipulated by people who deceive us and yet without experiences that evoke emotions we avoid learning about inner guidance.

In my experience in this arena, people say things that can hurt, but they are mostly hurting themselves. By not connecting with others you lose out on fun, happiness, joy, and adventure. In a safe group setting transformation can happen in positive ways too. In a group you can watch and listen to others share their tales of woe, and notice how redirecting behaviors and tales will ultimately be the change we wish to see in the world. Take a leap of faith. Connect in a transformation group.

Love Thy Neighbor – Don’t Take Crap

News all around the world casts different points of view. All networks, especially those owned by big corporate outlets, have agendas connected to political directions. Do you really need someone else controlling your mind?

A better way to make conscious decisions is to fine tune your intuitive skills so your inner wisdom will communicate clearly with you. If you don’t know how to do this on your own then you will need guidance. Who you go to does matter. You’ll want to find the right person who has been where you are and now has what you you wish to achieve and has done it successfully. To get a boost up, you need to do the actual work yourself, however, you can accelerate you learning curve when you are ready.

Pride Sucks!

Pride prevents change. Pride is based on fear that something outside of yourself has power over you. Pride can make you susceptible to flattery of the wrong kind. And pride leads to being on a pedestal that may have a weak foundation and lead to suicide. Build a strong foundation of inner awareness. The positive side of pride is in being self aware. Being around others helps you know what you like doing, having, and being. Staying in isolation is like being the frog at the bottom of a well with a limited perception of the world around you.

What to do now

Keep the momentum flowing. Make new connections. Rekindle relations with old friends to inspire each other.  Who do you want in your future.