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Liquid Gold RX | members (activists) And Participants (Customers) 

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 Become a MEMBER…

Experience THIS unique product that no one has and no one ever will. share it with others who want better health

 You want to enroll to be an Activist – it’s the best option to receive discounts and more!

  • 1x Package @ $299 – 4 bottles, 1 business center, fully functional back office, a personal website.
  • 2x Package @ $5989 bottles, 3 business centers, 3 fully functional back offices, 3 personal websites

Get a $45 discount for finding two new customers who enroll with your personalized ID#. Receive $10 for FINDING EACH customer. YOur Next Auto ship Cost of ONE bottle could be $11

No obligations. No annual fees. Autoship is optional. Opportunity for earning income and have a business.

Become a CUSTOMER…


You want to enroll as a Customer only right now. We love our customers. You also have the option to share and receive and get discounts.

  • Wholesale Price: 1 bottle @ $65 + S&H and monthly auto-ship, 1 personal website with login for ability to edit auto-ship options

Invite 2 customers through your personalized website and a $45 discount automatically applies to your next auto-ship order making it only $31 including shipping and handling. 

No obligations. No annual fees. Autoship is optional. Ability to upgrade to a member anytime by purchasing 1x package or inviting 6 new customers.

 What is the difference between
buying products as Participant verses as Member?

Customer and Member Option: 1 bottle @ $65* Plus Monthly auto-ship @ $65*/per bottle (no obligation – ability to change auto-ship and purchase family packages in your personalized website’s login dashboard aka back-office)

Customers: 1 Bottle not on auto-ship @ $85* per Bottle (no obligation – can update preferences anytime in your personalized website’s login dashboard area)

Members: Choose either 1x (4 bottles) or 2x (8 bottles & 1 free bottle**) package @ $74.75*/each bottle with monthly auto-ship @ $65/per bottle or select other auto-ship option in back-office after enrolling (No obligations –  Option to share and receive commissions as a business opportunity)


*Plus Shipping & Handling  | **2x Package is 9 total bottles @$65/ea
NOTE: Announcements sent to Customers and Members weekly via emails and text messages.

Root, Stalk, Stem, & Leaves

Why use this laser-focused food?  Food is the building blocks for your body and pure food that your body knows what to do with right away is what Liquid Gold Rx provides. 

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Please visit the personal website of the LIquid Gold Rx member or customer who invited you to this page. The purpose of this web page is for education only.  Lynne Okaily will answer LGRX question received in the contact form above.

Liquid Gold Rx (LGRX) is an exclusive product from Wellness Research Group International (WRGI) and Lynne will get a commission when purchases are made through links to the Liquid Gold Rx personalized website. Thank you.

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Disclaimer regarding LGRX: No statement about Liquid Gold Rx has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Liquid Gold Rx does not change, alter, modify, enhance or manipulate anything. It is focused uncontaminated food. The body understands it and uses it to make better blood production. Liquid Gold Rx name is derived from the golden color and a recipe of plant extracts that are to be taken daily as an essential, hence the Latin term Rx, meaning recipe and to take. The product contains no gold and is not a pharmaceutical drug.